Corporate Social Responsibility

TDS Policy


Corporate Social Responsibility is vitally important for the well-being of our staff and suppliers, our client relationships, and for external perceptions of Technical Demolition Services as a good potential business partner. Our record also helps us when tendering for new development opportunities, for example, which is good for the company’s future; and our ability both to attract and retain staff benefit from our reputation as a fair and decent employer.

Goals and objectives

Our purpose is to integrate environmental and social considerations into our everyday working practices and embed them in our corporate values. In establishing this, our objective was to guide the design, planning and operational processes, raise awareness and promote sustainability objectives and targets to our staff, partners, consultants and suppliers. Specifically, this will position us at the forefront of CR and sustainability by:

  • designing and planning integrated solutions;
  • identifying staff training requirements and if necessary, running awareness programmes to meet these needs;
  • endeavouring to achieve practical and sustainable solutions that achieve optimum results;
  • defining processes, standards and guidance for staff to help them take sustainability into account at every stage;
  • increasing staff understanding of all the relevant legal and local authority requirements;
  • attending key industry conferences and seminars, joining relevant industry bodies and identifying third parties to develop relationships with; 
  • enhancing our brand as a market leader, delivering a sustainable future.

Employee development and ethics

Our people

  • well-being and safety are always our first priority;
  • we support and encourage a healthy work-life balance;
  • our people are the key to the company’s success;
  • our leaders’ role is to inspire and empower.

Communicating with communities

Care and respect for communities

For us, a successful project is one where we add to the community where we work, and where they ‘miss us’ when we leave. We acknowledge that any new project will inconvenience people; by talking with them, and understanding their concerns, we can make everyone’s lives easier. In this way, we can collaborate and find solutions that minimise disruption and intrusion, while being seen to live up to our reputation as a company that cares.


Because of the scope of our activities, we have different types of ‘client’ for each part of our business. These can range from local authorities, for a large town centre demolition, to office tenants whose contact with Technical Demolition Services is for asbestos removal. A successful relationship with the former may centre on meeting delivery targets, minimal defects at completion or building links within a local community; in the latter instance, prompt response and reliable delivery of service are paramount to our success.


We strive to be fair and honest in all our dealings and behave in ways that build trust. Our Code of Business Conduct plays an essential role in how we manage the business.