Technical Demolition Services were awarded the contract for Cabot Carbon Ellesmere port for the demolition, decontamination and removal of Asbestos. The contract included the demolition of Office buildings and process, in addition to the demolition activities there was the requirement for the removal of asbestos, from areas as notified by the Type Three Asbestos Survey, as well as the removal and disposal of 1,100 tonnes of heavy oils from four storage tanks on site.

The strategy for the plan of operations allowed for the upfront removal of asbestos items, as well as the clearance of process plants in order to allow safe access and egress around the site, this was followed by the removal of specific plant items in order to allow access to high level structures, with remaining chimneys being blown down using explosives and the water tower using a high reach machine.

Client: Cabot Carbon Ltd

Contract: Decontamination, demolition, asbestos removal and site clearance

Contract Start/End: 2010 – 2011

Total Project Value: £4,000,000.00

Maximising Recycling Opportunities

The strategy was aimed at maximising recycling opportunities while on site, in order to obtain the best value for the client, a full range of machines were used in order to undertake various demolition operations during the contract, for larger plant areas we used our 140 tonne machine Liebherr 984 complete with a 20 tonne LA bounty shear which is the largest machine and shear within the UK, the plant and shear played a major part in the success of the completion of contract.

Discovery of asbestos was presence within the boiler house this had to be removed and managed within the programme of works without impacting the overall plan of operations. There were heavy oils present within the tanks and this required us to work with a management Specialist Subcontractor, there were regular liaisons and reviews which was managed through a fixed price contract.

The recycling target achieved for the project was 98% through the handling and recycling of some 10,000 tonnes of material. 

Completion Report

As with any contract completed, the project manager will issue the client with all relevant documentation:

  • As demolished drawings (superimposed over footprint of the site)
  • All service capping locations
  • All services that remain in the ground on completion of project
  • Other uncovered structures/ apparatus discovered during foundation removal
  • Location of adjoining structures
  • Completed construction phase plan
  • Copies of all risk assessments and method statements (final revisions)