TDS were contracted by the Port of Tarragona in Spain to dismantle X1 Lattice jib crane and X4 ship to shore coal grab cranes that was part of their Coal Feeder System. All works were carried out within a live 24/7 dockyard with a live conveyor system operating adjacent to the cranes.

Works were completed using a 650t crane and 150t man basket crane, the cranes were in a static position each weighing 650t, jibs weighing 34t and coal hoppers weighing 50t.

The live conveyor system operating adjacent to the cranes required protection before works commenced this was achieved by using sleepers along the sides and top of the conveyor.

Client: Tarragona Port Authority

Contract: Coal Grab Crane Dismantling

Contract Start/End: 12 Weeks

Contract Value: £500,000.00


The first crane was dismantled in just 10 days, we then unlocked the crane wheels and pushed the cranes together using our machines, once together we then re-locked the wheels in place, we chose this method to prevent having to de-rig each crane, we first cut each rig in half, then dismantled the hoppers, these were then all lifted over a conveyor and laid down ready for processing. TDS removed over 2,500t of metal from the site, this was then shipped to a steel works in Barcelona.

Scope of Works

The various works included:

  • Dismantling of X4 ship to shore coal cranes and X1 Lattice Jib crane
  • Protection of live conveyor systems.
  • Dismantling carried out utilising 650t heavy lift crane and 100t man basket crane along with hot-cutting techniques.
  • Processing of scrap metal utilising excavators, grab, shear and magnet attachments.

Project Challenges

  • Dismantling included heavy crane lifts over a live conveyor system located adjacent to the crane, this required careful planning and protection of the live conveyor system.
  • Works being carried out within a live dockyard.