Working for the Tarragona Port Authority in Spain, Technical Demolition Services were contracted in 2008 to dismantle 1 No lattice jib crane & 4 No dockside coal grab cranes as part of their coal feeder system.

All works were carried out within a live 24/7 dockyard, with a live conveyor system operating adjacent to the cranes.

Over 2,500 tonnes of metal were removed for processing & segregation.

Client: Tarragona Port Authority

Contract: Crane Dismantling

Contract Start/End: 14 Weeks

Contract Value: £500,000.00

Scope of Works

  • Dismantling of 5 no. ship to shore coal cranes.
  • Protection of live conveyor systems.
  • Dismantling carried out utilising 650 tonne heavy lift crane + 100t man basket crane along with hot-cutting techniques.
  • Processing of scrap metal utilising excavators, grab, shear & magnet attachments.

Project Challenges

  • Dismantling included heavy crane lifts over a live conveyor system located adjacent to the crane. This required careful planning & protection of the live conveyor system.
  • Works being carried out within a live dockyard.

Completion Report

  • No accidents other than first aid were recorded.
  • The project was completed within the specified timescale.
  • Approximately 98% of materials from the operation were recycled.
  • Consumable usage was as predicted, but with increased flame cutting, due to the thickness of the structural sections.
  •  Environmental controls were always in place & maintained.