Dhekelia Power Station was one of three power plants belonging to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. It was located approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) east of the city of Larnaca.

The original plant was the first of the company which started building it in the mid-1950s. It consisted of seven steam turbo-generators with a total capacity of 84 MW.

The power station was a boiler complex, the projects scope involved the removal of all structures, tanks, boilers, turbines etc, the machines allocated to the project included the use of a 30t and 60t high reach excavators, these were fitted with a combination of attachments and heavy lifting equipment.

The contract comprised the complete demolition of the power station to ground level and the disposal of all asbestos contained material off the island of Cyprus.

Client: Electricity Authority of Larnaca, Cyprus

Contract: Decommissioning, Demolition, asbestos removal and site clearance

Contract start/end date: 2000 – 2002

Total project value: $4,000,000.00

Part of the contract was to completely clear the site, this included the removal of 370 tonnes of asbestos waste materials, these were then containerised and shipped for disposal in Europe, this was carried out under full legislated methods and involved a full time independent analyst to check, monitor and issue clearance certificates throughout the operation, all areas were reduced to small operating zones with individual enclosures erected for each area within each zone.

Completion Report

As with any contract completed, the project manager will issue the client with all the relevant documentation:

  • Demolition drawings, which were superimposed over footprints of the sites
  • All service capping locations
  • All services that remained in the ground on completion of the project
  • Other uncovered structures/ apparatus discovered during foundation removal
  • Location of adjoining structures
  • Completed construction phase plan
  • Copies of all risk assessments and method statements as well as final revisions