Quality Policy

TDS Policy


It is the policy of Technical Demolition Services Ltd. to consistently, and profitably exceed our Customer’s expectations and requirements for quality, reliability, ease and speed of service.

This objective will be achieved by maintaining, and continuously improving, high standards of competence in all our activities that have a direct or indirect impact on Customer Satisfaction.

We shall seek and maintain third party certification of our Quality Management Systems to the requirements of ISO9001: 20015 as a means of ensuring that our arrangements and understanding of current and future customer needs are:

  • Appropriate and suitable to meeting our objective
  • Consistently deployed and applied
  • Deliver to the Customer, and Company, the benefits we seek
  • Are in compliance with current legislation
  • Prevent noncompliance and seek continual improvement

It is our aim that all members of the company, shall function in an environment in which they are encouraged to contribute to improvement of Customer Satisfaction, quality and reliability. Management is committed to the provision of required resources and managerial support to achieve the commitments in this policy statement. It is the duty of all staff to assist all other members of the company to consistently meet the requirements of this policy statement. 

This Policy applies to all our activities and locations from which the company provides service to Customers including the work of subcontractors delivering services on behalf of Technical Demolition Services Ltd.

We will establish objectives and targets for all levels and activities within the company that are consistent with this policy and our continuous improvement targets, the management review process will be the primary format for reviewing the effectiveness of the achievement of stated objectives and targets and the review of the quality policy itself, this will be done as a minimum annually.

This policy statement is publicly available on request.